Monday, June 09, 2008

Try it, you'll like it . . .

Have you ever had Caviar? Calamari? Pickled Herring? Brussel Sprouts? Frog legs? I've tried all of the above, but not an Anchovy.
While in Uptown last Saturday we had lunch at Figlio in Calhoun Square. You should go there. The decor is swanky and the food is amazing. We decided to order an appetizer to share and split a sandwich. . .

This bruschetta appetizer ---amazing.
That's balsamic vinegar drizzled around the plate!
I love bruschetta.

Aaahhhhh, I can almost taste it.

Back to the Anchovy. There it is. Sitting on top of my caesar salad. Taunting me. Mocking me as I hear the voice of my mother, "just try it, one little bite". Then my own words to my children, coming back to haunt me, "just try it, one little bite".

So I did.

And it wasn't too bad. I actually ate most of it. Talk about salty

So, how about you...would you have tried it? Have you tried it? Do you like Anchovies? Do you order them on your pizza? I'm glad I tried the anchovy, but I won't be ordering anchovies on my pizza. Plain cheese for me, please.

Oh, and the chicken, artichoke grilled panini....amazing.

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  1. Yes b/c i would hear my mother voice going "try it, just one little bite" and hey i'm up for a taste! I think i wouldn't like to eat it plain but if it was in the salad...then sure why the heck not it's just a little raw minnow right!?!?!


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