Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Those hazy, lazy days of summer.

Oh, the life of a college student . . . . . . in the summer.

This was the beginning of Monday evening. . . then there was strawberry shortcake for dinner. Which is a bit of a tradition at our house in strawberry season. Then 3 more college students arrived. Danae gets tossed (accidently) :) in the pool by Aria. Aria jumps in out of sympathy, I guess. Now that two are wet, the other three decide they want to go downtown to RochesterFest for cheese curds! Aria borrows shorts, boxers, shirt from Kirk (is that TMI?) and off they go at 9pm (earlier than usual for a night out). Me? I go to bed! And that is exactly where I am going now!

Sweet dreams,

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  1. Today woulda been a good day to be in that pool !!!


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