Sunday, June 22, 2008

Remember my last blog --- when I wrote this: "Tomorrow I'll post more photos and tell you about the romantic thing Kirk did. ;)" ?

By the way, "tomorrow" was obviously a "loose" term for "some time soon."
We ate dinner with Danae - and after she left us to "go more blonde". We checked out the band and the vendors. One of my favorite vendors sells perennials...including some newer varieties like the one below...a "caramel, curly leaft coral bell". We bought one of these. And a red Yarrow plant. And an orange Yarrow. I still have my eyes on a few others there too.
The new fountain at Peace Plaza is really nice. . .
The little ones especially love it. (this little girl's parents weren't sure what to do about me taking photos, I tried to be very discreet about it though)
As we walked further we came across a booth full of homemade pottery. I've always been drawn to pottery, and since taking the pottery "throwing" class last winter I have a renewed appreciation for the art. There were several pieces that caught my eye immediately but this one seemed to stand-out more than the others. Maybe because of the simplicity? As we were looking at the pottery, I flippantly said, "I'd pick this one", (with no intention to buy anything) then turned to move on to the next booth. .

that's when Kirk stopped in his tracks and said, "I'll buy it for you". "What?!! You're crazy", I said. To which my charming husband replied, "that's what I have "mad money" for. . . then proceeded to purchase this bowl for me --- with his "mad money". Which means he sacrificed buying something he has wanted to buy me something I admired, but would have never spent the money on. That is romantic to me. Funny how these little things in life are ones you never forget. I know that memories of that night will always flash back to me when I gaze on this bowl.


  1. That is very very sweet! You are lucky to have such a keeper!

  2. Very romantic indeed :)


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