Sunday, June 01, 2008

Are you my mother?
Today we decided to test how the adult chickens would take to having the chicks around. First we only let Rosie in with the chicks since she was so "motherly" to the younger chicks last summer. Rosie did great. The other two hens....well, let's just say they were not as happy to have the little ones around! We only had the little ones in the pen for awhile before taking them back to their warm little "nursery" in the garage.
Then we did a little "Chicken Chasing" . . .Sometimes we are especially nice to the hens and let them out of the pen to scratch the ground and get some of their favorite foods.....bugs. The challenge comes in when we want them back in the pen before they want back in. . .

Just when you think you have one.....they escape your hold

and make a run for it again

It can be quite a challenge to get them out from under the spruce trees

But it is Very hard for them to resist a bright red strawberry!

Finally....within reach

Chicken hypnotizing: "repeat after me......never, run away from the people"
~~~~never a dull moment I'll tell ya!


  1. I Loved that Blog Cheri. nate and the chickens....funny stuff

  2. I would like to have seen Nate and the chickens in real life. Maybe next time I visit Nate can do a "re-run".

    Ummm, "Are You My Mother" these words bring back wonderful memories of reading to my girls. One of many favorite books of my girls. I like the way you applied it here Cheri.


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