Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's not easy to get Kirk to go shopping. Somehow I convinced him that tonight was a good time to go find him a couple new dress shirts and ties. Let me tell you, he was WAY over do for some new ones. We were all getting tired of seeing him in the same blue shirt with his suit!

Just so happens that Danae & Kate were at the mall too, so after we got ourselves a Northern Lites cooler at Caribou, we decided to visit our little shopper in Wet Seal. . .

I think the dressing rooms are nice in this store.

The lighting is really neat . . . see how it pours out the doors?

There she is. We told her that her children will laugh at this outfit someday. But I have to admit it does look cute on her.

Oh yeah....the shirts! This is what we settled on. An ivory shirt with a maroon/ivory tie and a lavendar shirt with a paisley tie! They look better in "real life". Kirk looks so good in a suit...I can't wait to see these on him.


  1. I'm sure i agree that her children will laugh i'm not so sure i can agree that i think it's all that cute...sorry DJ it looks a little too all 80's for me!

  2. Nice choices on the shirt and ties. I cant remember the last time rick wore a suit and tie??? Oh yeah, I guess it would have been Brianna's wedding.

    The red pants gotta go Danae ,but I'm no fashion Guru.


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