Saturday, June 07, 2008

He's off to London to visit the queen!
Ok, so he won't be visiting the queen (unless he happens to run into her), but Nate is off to London!
These are the three ladies he is traveling with!

What do you think? Does the boy look happy? Excited?!

I still can't believe how light they all packed! They'll be gone 4 weeks!

Ok, one more.....I want a close up.....

Danielle, Nate, Michelle, Kelly

Nate called us from Chicago at 9:00 pm. They were supposed to get into Chicago at 4pm. Their connecting flight to London was at 9:30!!! They raced through O'Hare when they landed and made it to the connecting flight. Last time we talked he was on the plane. Phew! Turns out the plane coming from Chicago (their plane) was delayed because of storms. Finally on the plane to ORD they had to take a different in over Omaha! As they headed to ORD the pilot came on the PA system and told them if they couldn't land at ORD they would have to land in Rockford because they were running out of gas! If that had happened they would have missed their flight to London. It's all good now.

Nate is SO organized and informed about this trip. One of the girls said, "I'm not even worried about anything on this trip, Nate has all the details and is SO organized". Those of you who know my boy realize how "out of character" that is. I'm proud. He has done his travel "homework" and is taking the leadership role.

How cool to be traveling with 3 ladies?!! Oh, and Kelly, the girl on the far right....Nate has known her since he was 5 years old! Kelly used to live next door to us!


  1. WOW, 3 ladies and Nate, sounds like fun to me. I would have never guessed that was Kelly (the black hair threw me off)

  2. In the one picture of nate getting out of th looks likes he's doing a giant loaf lift hehe i'm sure he will enjoy that thats what that looks like! Crazy who would have thunk Nate and Kelly together again after all these years!


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