Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Nate !!
This handsome guy is our favorite son and brother!
He is celebrating his 21st birthday in style -- in Paris !!
If you are lucky enough to know Nate,
you already know that he is amazingly patient with young children.
Kids flock to Nate -- and hang on him, and sit on him, and pester him,
but he never loses control with them,
and seems to have total control of the situation.

You also know that Nate is fun to hang with. You never know when his quiet personality will flip into a comedian. He laughs at his own jokes (among other things), and can do some pretty good impersonations. Nate also has many movie and tv lines committed to memory which he pull out at appropriate times to make everyone laugh. also know he is VERY creative and a Harry Potter fan. That's Nate's creativity at work in the photo above . . . and yes, it is Nate, not Harry. Have I mentioned how well he writes? For a sample of Nate's creative writing, read his blog.

This cute kindergartner may some day be teaching your children history (his absolute favorite subject) --- or geography, or spelling, or math. . . because he is currently a student at Winona State University where he is studying to be an elementary school teacher. An excellent choice of matching his gifts to his job!

Natey -- we love you and miss you lots, but we are also VERY excited you are living a dream by traveling in Europe!

Happy 21st Birthday!

Love Mom & Dad


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM CDT

    Happy 21st Birthday, Nate! What great memories you are making to remember your 21st. Wishing you a great year and continued fun and safety on your trip.
    Aunt Sandy

  2. Great tribute to Nate and what a wonderful young man he's become. He is pretty amazing (as are your girls too) Happy Birthday Nate

  3. Nate --

    Wish I was there with you -- of course, then you wouldn't have as much fun :( -- but almost :)


    Love, Dad

  4. Nate, I am so happy you made it to Paris, the memories will live with you forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM G,Ma


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