Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good evening. No, really, I had a good evening. No housework, no yardwork. Just doing stuff I like to do. Like cooking, eating outdoors, spending time with family...and friends. Guitar playing (not by me). Candlelit evening. A fire.

The grillmaster cooking our yummy Spiedies!

Danae's friend, Aria playing guitar.

...and singing. romantic songs


There are currently several 18 & 19 year olds on the patio. I'm glad they are here. I do miss our Nate though. I wish he would call! (Got that hint Nate??)

Good evening blog friends (and family) ;)


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM CDT

    Looks like a nice evening. Danae looks good as a blonde! Romance??? Nice looking guy ; ) And what is Nate thinking, not calling. I imagine just having tons of fun!
    5 1/2 weeks till we leave for the wedding... Yikes!

  2. We had a lovely evening also, it was such a peaceful night. Almost had a fire in the pit, but didnt.

  3. Sandy, I could be in trouble for the romance comment. But he was singing romantic songs.

  4. Yes mom... My Savior My God... by Aaron Shust is such a Romantic song ... ;) and you would be in trouble! But good pics...you could say you are in the poparazzi business...especially how you can scew a picture to look do i dare say romantic!?!?!

  5. Um, Cara honey, since you weren't there, you don't know that he sang several other songs...and some Brittney and Danae sang along with. Jaden even contributed at times.


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