Sunday, June 15, 2008

First one in!
Or as Danae would say, "first 'person' in". Because Gabby has been in the pool several times already.

Kirk, Danae and I had just finished rolling up/cleaning the solor cover, and skimming the pool when Danae made the decision to jump in with her clothes on . . .

to claim the "first in the pool" title for the year. I think I won it last year! Because Gabby doesn't like to see people swim alone, every time (yes, there was more than one jump) Danae went in, Gabby jumped too!

And sometimes Gabby jumped in to try and get the big white snake (a.k.a. auto vacuum hose). Maddie is the self-appointed doggie life guard and is faithfully on duty pacing around the pool following Gabby as she swims.

Happy Father's Day Kirk! You are a wonderful dad to our kids (and all the other kids who stop in regularly!) I think Cara describes you well on her tribute blog today. . . I'm proud of you, and I know your kids are too!


  1. This is Kirk -- my recollection is Cara was the first in last year -- but us old folks don't have very good memories. :)

    - Kirk

  2. How in the world did you catch Danae in mid-air, did she warn you so you had time to snatch your camera???

  3. Your right daddy i was the first one in last year...and it was COLD!!!!

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM CDT

    Did DJ tell you how Jersti and Kale had been talking about her. They both asked to see Danae and then I found out she was coming! They welcomed her with open arms. DJ was so shocked. The kids have been talking about you guys and going to Minn. Boohoo. We miss you. Love ya! Aim


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