Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A bird's eye view . . .
of the robin family . . .
only takes a second for the little ones to wake up!
Someone is still hungry !
Mom's gone, so back to sleep for the 3 little ones . . .
Sadly, this egg didn't fully hatch and got booted out of the nest.


  1. Poor lil' baby birdie.

  2. That wreath must be PRIME real estate for Robins! First the Chesapeake house, now here! And the last time I looked in that nest, there were only 2 eggs, still not hatched.

    This robin needs to get used to us, though, she flies away every time we come within 20 feet! The family at the Chesapeake house would stay put even when there was someone 5 feet away at the front door!


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