Friday, May 30, 2008

Weather. I think I may have acquired the "weather gene" from my husband. I know, you can't acquire genetics from just living with someone. But maybe I'm an exception? Kirk's family has a very strong weather gene. There is such a thing you know. Maybe you have it. You might have the weather gene if you can't have a phone conversation without talking about the weather.

My first experience with the (dominate) weather gene was when Kirk and I called his parents from Pennsylvania to tell them that we were engaged. After Kirk announced our engagement to them, they said, "That's great news, what's the weather like there?"
So, in honor of my in-laws, here is some WEATHER we experienced today!

5:30 pm-ish ---A good heavy downpour, complete with thunder and lightening !

5 minutes later: panic sets in as the hail falls....and the car isn't in the garage (because, well, the baby chicks are in the car spot)

and more hail

and it starts to pile up --- but not like it does in Kansas!

Having experienced hailstorms and tornados in Topeka, KS, this was nothin'.

There ya's weather.

Oh, last night, it stormed all night...lightening, thunder, rain.

And...this afternoon......well a VERY bright lightening flashed in our front yard a second later....BOOOOM! Kirk and I jumped out of our seats and the dogs went berserk!

this weather blog is dedicated to my husband's family genetics --- and the "weather gene"


  1. Ya gotta love the weather !!!

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM CDT

    Yeah, I know the weather gene! Bob calls me a human barometer, as I have woken up from a dead sleep several times to warn of a tornado. Ya'all remember Grandma Smith's funeral in Kansas, when I rescued the whole clan!! And you all thought I was playing a practical joke!


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