Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rose says:
"Seattle called, they want their weather back".
I looked up Seattle's weather - it isn't much different than here folks!
Nate borrowed my camera today and took a few nature shots (including the one of Rose). Since I can hardly leave a photo untouched, I did do a little "doctoring" on Photoshop. I just love Nate's perspective in his photos.
The same azalea bush, but with an open bloom. Hope.
The Sedum making their way through the rocks and last year's growth. More hope.

Danae officially began her summer break today! It's good to have our baby girl home again.

Off to Chi town tomorrow to see our other girl and spend some girl time with my sisters, neices, daughters & mom!


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  1. Hope you have a lovely time in Chicago. Drive safe :)


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