Monday, May 19, 2008

Pool time . . .
Here's a picture from last summer. July.
This is what the pool area looked like on Saturday as we prepared to "open" the pool. The term "open" is used loosely. Very loosely. You see, at this stage of the process, "open" means we begin the process of getting the pool ready to use. It really isn't "open" to swim in. Unless you are Gabby.
First we have to clear out the leaves that gathered in the landscaping over the fall/winter/spring. This year we discovered the neighbor's leaf blower was MUCH more efficient than raking. And what man doesn't like a reason to use a power tool!

Gabby quickly realizes what we are up to and stays very nearby, leaving the snakes to find refuge. From this point on, Gabby circles the pool in a continuous motion.

While Nate screws down the bolts that the cover springs were attched to.
and Kirk loosens the springs from the bolts. (they actually did this in reverse order)
Then it's time to pull the cover off. Notice how Gabby is making another round? Normally I would be helping, but someone had to document this major spring event.

almost to the shallow end, where the heavy, water-logged cover is pulled out of the water . . . but wait, where's Gabby?

There she is . . . looking for toads, snakes, mice or any other varmint that might have met it's demise in the pool. She is also faking it...pretending to get a drink...but we are "on to her".
Oh yeah, we knew it would only be a matter of seconds. She literally walked to the other end, and jumped in to the freezing cold water. Think Lake Superior, Lake Michigan - cold.

and she didn't get out until she had made a several laps -- about 5 minutes! She's a Yorkie with Lab genetics!

Meanwhile, the men keep working on the process. Another excuse to use their toys . . to move the cover to the front to dry it out on the driveway.

Nate took charge of opening the pipes --- I'm glad he knows what he is doing cuz I don't!

Getting the cover on the driveway to dry and wash off the leaves and bird poop.

In a week we should have blue, yet still cold, water. At least it will be prettier to look at than the green cover. and if we really want to swim, we COULD turn on the heater.


  1. my personal favorite is sprayin down the cover on the drive way sorry i wasn't there to help!!!!! It had better be warm when i get home in july!

  2. It's exciting getting ready for the summer and warm weather and all the fun I'm sure you're anticipating as family and friends enjoy the pool with you. Wish I could sit beside the pool with you, soak in the sun and chat for a long time.


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