Thursday, May 29, 2008

In all the excitement around here with barn raising and birthdays I haven't had a chance to tell you about our little chicks arriving!
Last Friday Danae and I took the 15 minute drive to my friend Craig's house to get our fluffy-feathered-friends. This is the group we picked from . . . 37 little chicks. Some are actually Guinea chicks, and others are Quail (Bobwhites). Most are chickens.

That big silver spaceship looking thing is a heat lamp to keep the babies warm.

Here's a photo from "in" the pen . . . Just the camera went in the pen ...not me.
See that "tall" chick on the left? That's a Guinea chick.

Here's our 3 of our little ones. Actually, we have four is hiding under the one on the right.

Um, yeah. This is Nate's favorite thing to do with the chicks . . ."hypnotize" them. When he holds them on their back in the palm of his hand they get sleepy and very still. Some will actually stick their legs straight out too. It's pretty funny.

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  1. I used to hypnotize full grow chickens, I'll have to teach that trick to Nate, it's funny.


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