Saturday, May 24, 2008

I don't even know where to begin! What? Start at the beginning you say? Ok.
This morning I got up early -- 8 am -- which is early --- for me --on a Saturday. I like to sleep in til at least 9. Ok, sometimes 10...but not often. Anyway, I got up and walked sleepily into the bathroom to be greeted by this . . .

and this . . .
because, after all, today is Kirk's birthday....and well, Danae likes to have fun with mirror writing and balloons.
So after I trudge through the balloons, take a shower and gulp some coffee down, I start doing some cleaning around the house because at 10 am I have lots of people coming to help Kirk work on the barn as a surprise -- he knows nothing about it. At 9:00 I start waking him up telling him to rise and shine so we can get busy on the shed. He slowly comes to life and moves slowly through breakfast -- and coffee -- and now it is 9:30 and Cara calls to wish him happy birthday....and talks til 9:45 when I finally tell Cara we need to "get going". Now I'm getting a bit antsy -- Kirk is still in his pajamas and decides to clean the chairs at our table!!! He says it will only take a minute. He heads up to get dressed and brush his teeth. A friend arrives. I yell upstairs, "hey Kirk" - Terry is you know why? Kirk greets Terry and while they are talking, another friend shows's Dennis. I get a funny look from Kirk --- and smile and say "happy birthday honey!" --- and surprise! -- and by the way -- you should go get dressed cuz there are lots of people coming this morning to help you with this shed! In total shock, he does as he is told. Meanwhile, more people show up. I bring out the coffee cake, coffee, OJ to the worksite. Terry takes control and starts giving people jobs to do. Awesome. Progress.

With the guys hard at work, I head in to start on the evening meal for all who help during the day (and their families). I ordered pizza delivered for lunch at noon....clean it up then do a little more dinner prep. At 1:15 I head to the Plummer House where a friend's daughter is getting married on Sunday. Why???? Because they asked me to take her wedding pictures! JoLynn called and asked me at 8:15 am THIS morning!! (good thing I woke up early) Another detail --- she asked if I would be the wedding coordinator too. Oh, and make the bride's bouquet. and grooms flower. and the table favors -- small wedding - only 22 people....and pick up the cake at the bakery tomorrow . Of course I'm more than happy and excited to do all this! At the Plummer House Gardens, we go through the ceremony order with the pastor marrying them (a friend of ours). Back home I go.

At home the pastor calls and asks if I'd do the calligraphy on the marriage certificate...they can stop by right now. Cool. They come, I do the calligraphy while they wait. Off they go ..... and I'm back at work in the kitchen! By now Danae has called me and asked if Mickey, Jaden and Steve can have dinner with us. I tell her sure, if they will help with the preparations. . . and they did....they were troopers -- stirring, chopping, washing and drying dishes, running errands, moving tables, blah, blah, blah. (Thanks kids!)

meanwhile, back at the barn, things are moving quickly. Many hands make light work. A steady stream of men have come and gone according to their schedules -- 2 friends stay all day!

To be continued . . . page down. . .


  1. What a great surprise for Kirk.Friends and powertools... can it get any better.

  2. Wish I could have been there...the picture of the boys and danae well it's worth a 1000 words....if you blow it up their facial expressions are priceless!


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