Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kirk!
fun, energetic, quick-to-laugh, joke-teller, advice-giver, respected, admired, intelligent, capable, patient, considerate, loving, kind, helpful, generous, "mr. fix-it", talented, self-less, understanding, wise.
In a few seconds that's what Danae and I came up with to describe Kirk. I know my life changed for the better when I met him. Kirk brings out the best in me, and his children, and those he comes in contact with.
Join me in wishing him a happy birthday ---


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRK !!! We can say Amen to all those adjectives...and will add to it, "a Great Friend". Love ya, Larry and Gail

  2. Happy Birthday Kirk,Cheri forgot to mention that "you da bomb". Have a great day.

  3. Happy birthday Kirk. I can attest to the advice giving when I needed help on how to un-clog my shower and my Dad was gone....who did I think of to call, Kirk!


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