Saturday, May 03, 2008

Greetings from Chicago....
No photo's today since I can only get on the internet on my sister's computer...some issue with her not knowing the password for the wireless!

Danae and I drove together yesterday and made a stop at the outlets where we shopped Gap outlet, Bed Bath & Beyond Bath & Body Works outlet & Ann Taylor outlet. Such fun stuff! The BB & Beyond Bath & Body outlet rocks! I'll never pay full price for again for shower gel.

We got to my sisters around 7pm and found out we were the first ones here...besides Amy and Cara. We were starved so started eating some yummy pasta and bread. Everyone was here by 7:30.....My sisters: Amy, Dee, Barb...and their daughters: Kenzie, Bailey, Molly, Becca. My mom. Me and Cara & Danae. We sat around and laughed and talked til after midnight!

Now we are all about to head to the Kane County Flea Market....for a day of cold, blowing wind, and possible rain....but hey, who cares!?

Hope it is nice where you are!


  1. It's cold and blowing here too. We sat out at a track meet all morning and I'm froze to the bone, would rather have been at a flee market :)

    Gald you're having a great time!

  2. went to the Bath & Body Works outlet silly!!!!!


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