Thursday, May 08, 2008

Golf cart follies . . .
I do realize that it was much more fun to witness this live, but the pictures do give you an idea of the fun that transpired with a golf cart and 6 kids!

We start out on the adventure with great caution . .
Danae is in control of the situation -- holding on to 3 year old Kale and carefully watching 5 year old Jersti drive.

Kale decides running is more fun . . .
Jersti yells, "everybody ready?" and off they go with a full cart again . . . Danae still supervising the driver.

Is that Danae in the back of the cart . . . and Jersti is now driving alone with Kale up front? . . . (note how Jersti holds the side rail as she drives. . .makes ya wonder what kind of turns she is going to make)
and now Jersti is driving with Danae in back --- and the other kids chasing the cart...
Ok, that's better . . . but Jersti has her eye on Brigs . . .

and now it is a game of catch while the golf cart keeps rolling on . . .

safe and sound --

I didn't say "of sound mind" . . .
There is never a dull moment when the cousins get together!


  1. Once again the side picture of me! AWFUL!!!!! use the one of me with the funny face or the one from the pic of danae and i cropped out! I mean really you want people to think i'm nasty!!!! ;)

  2. Love your pics that tell of sweet story of....The cousins.

  3. That cousin picture on the golf cart is perfect! So cute.


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