Friday, May 09, 2008

Every day this little female cardinal comes and taps at the window in our sunroom. She ocassionally taps at the basement and office windows too. Maybe she is trying to intimidate the "other" bird -- her reflection -- to stay away from her man or maybe she really likes to see her reflection, or she wants me to come and see her...which I doubt since she always flys away when she sees me.

Today she seemed a bit more brave, perhaps because she is getting more used to me being around. When she stopped at the ceramic bowl with water to get a drink before moving on to the window I seized the moment . . .
After a few sips of water she landed on the the norfolk pine I have sitting on the table outside the window -- she was definitely looking in the window -- or at it.
I wasn't expecting to catch her flying away . . .
but I think it's cool that I did! We've had quite an array of birds here in the last few days. Yesterday some kind of duck/heron looking bird perched at the top of the pear tree -- we are still trying to figure out what it was. There are cardinals all over the yard. Today we spotted male and female rosebreasted grosbeaks and a half dozen cedar waxwings. Of course there are the usual visitors too....sparrows, chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, bats, robins, etc. and the occasional downy woodpecker. I love hearing all their calls and seeing them all over the yard.

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