Saturday, May 24, 2008

Did I mention my baby chicks arrived? I picked them up at my friend Craig's house Friday night. They are in the garage...with the heat lamp til they grow feathers. I digress. Back to the day . . .

So, while I was at the Plummer House I snapped a few pics. I love this place. This is just one of the beautiful areas . . .
Here's the actual Plummer House.... built by Dr. Plummer, an inventor, physician, and architect....he was also "in at the beginning of the Mayo Clinic" --- this was his house. (for those of you not from Rochester)

It's 11:22 pm --- the day's activities are done, and cleaned up, and put away. I've made the grooms flower and the bride's bouquet. The candy gift bags are filled (thanks Brenda!), the camera battery is charging. . . .

Church at 9:30 tomorrow. Pick up wedding cake on way home. Change clothes. To the Plummer House by 1:00 pm for pre-wedding pics. Kirk is coming too, I volunteered him to take video! 2:30 wedding. After the wedding --- to Hubbell House (very nice restaurant) --- Kirk and I are going too. I hope to post some photos when I get home. We'll see.

Wish me luck. And for those of you who pray --- when you think of me --- go for it!Good-night blog friends. Bless you friends who helped in so many ways today.


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  1. You are a woman wish so many incredible gifts... I will be looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures!!!


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