Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can you guess what these are?

If you guessed fabric postcards -- You are right!
I learned how to make them tonight! My friend Mary was so sweet to come with all the supplies needed to show me how to make them. I made the very simple ones that didn't require alot of fussing, but Mary was making really nice postcards with bead embellishments and trim. I didn't trim mine, only used pinking shears (why are they called that? they aren't pink. Anyone?) These can be mailed just like they are, with postage of course.
Poor Maddie..she thought she was going to get a ride on the 4-wheeler...not have to sit around and wait for the kids to quit playing.

One more day of work. I can't wait for the weekend!


  1. Ok, don't you just love wikipedia?

    The cut produced by pinking shears may have given its name to (or be derived from) the plant name pink, a flowering plant in the genus Dianthus (commonly called a carnation). The colour pink may have been named after these flowers, although the origins of the name are not definitively known. As the carnation has scalloped, or "pinked", edges to its petals, pinking shears can be thought to produce an edge similar to the flower.

    So there's your answer,

    Love ya,

    - Kirk

  2. Wow - "stumbled" across your blog tonight - I just love looking at all the different blogs out there. And first off it was nice to see someone else from the Midwest (there really aren't too many of us!), and then here is where the hours zip bye. I enjoy your photos, etc., etc. I feel a bit of a connection with someone from Minnesota as we have a niece and her hubby living there (in Minneapolis) and my hubby went to college there at Bethel - mind you, quite a few years ago!

    Anyway, just thought I would pop in and say HI! Oh, and I read that John Ortburg book your mentioned - it was very good, wasn't it!? I also just read Blue Like Jazz too, have you ever read any of Anne Lamott? She is very good too!

    So, anyway - have a good day - nice to meet you! (I couldn't find a profile for you - was I not looking in the right place?)

    Hugs - Diane from Michigan

  3. I miss my brother and sister:( I wanna play on the trampoline...and not be catching patients husbands peeing in sinks outside the room! Oh yes this happend about an hour ago!
    Diane - I am the bloggers daughter...I went to bethel for 2 years...Small world...I live in Ohio now!!!

  4. Your postcards are adorable, I like the simple ones you did best!!!


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