Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A barn. Trees. Chickens.

A barn raising - slowly, but surely. The barn is going up. The weather hasn't exactly cooperated with barn-work, however the weekend is looking good!

Finally, the flowering crab is about to burst into beautiful color.
One branch is on the way ... by Friday it should be all out blooms!

Only one pear tree is blooming - not quite all out-full bloom, but close.
It's strange that only one pear tree is blooming - usually all three bloom at the same time -- and at the same time as the apple trees (which aren't close yet). It's a crazy year.
And about the chickens . . .
Last night Kirk called my cell phone and asked if I wanted him to put the chickens in. I said, "no, they'll be fine and will go in on their own". Thinking he meant put them in the coop since there is a chance of rain. (which I haven't been doing). Fast forward to this morning....
I go out to gather eggs -- and our 3 chickens are at the back door waiting for me! Kirk had meant put them back in the coop/pen. I had no clue they were "out" as in out of the pen/coop. So, they were "out" all night. So -- this begs the question...."who let the chickens out in the first place?" A little CSI (crime scene investigation) and I notice foreign poop in the coop. I think a raccoon let them out! We tightened down the hatches tonight!
photos courtesy of Kirk


  1. The barn is looking good !! That's exciting just thinking about what you will do with it/in it etc.

    Oops re: chickens left outside. Not good, glad they were ok.

    Going home today (from Sue's). Catch you on IM.

  2. I'm glad nothing got those chickens. Whew


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