Saturday, April 19, 2008

Waiting for sunshine..."they" say it will arrive this afternoon.

We are counting on the afternoon we can get to the business of building our barn...ok, small barn. large shed? That big purchase we made last it is -- our project for the spring. At 12x20, it's a good size, complete with a loft you can walk under. The big decision today is where to put it in the yard. We've got it narrowed down to two spots....I've resolved to put it on the side by the garden and just make it look really nice with plantings, etc.
Yesterday I got a lot of cleaning and re-arranging done. We had guests for a nice dinner of pasta with asparagus, portobella mushrooms & boursin cheese; bread & salad. It felt good to have a nice dinner here and entertain. We need to do this more!


  1. my answer..wondered how the dinner went last night..need to hear more about it though. Grandkids have left..sigh, I miss them already. It was a wonderful week...was able to stay in the "present" and focus on moment by moment.

  2. I wondered what all that wood was for and I was gonna ask on Thursday night, but I forgot. I hear there's actually a chance for some sun tomorrow....YIP


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