Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Table Project, cont.

Let's just get the painted fingernails over with right away...
yes, they have taken some abuse over the last two days...the verdict is still out on whether these nails will last more than another couple days...and yes, they are mine, all mine, real, self-grown.

I finished sanding the top and put a coat of oil finish on Monday night. The random-orbit sander makes lots of dust...so I did it out front. Ick..that chair has got to go...or get painted or something. Paint. it solves lots of problems. I painted the legs today. Can't really see the color too well in the photo, but it is a green color...I love it. In fact I decided today that I'm going to paint the bottom cupboards in my kitchen exactly this color! Kirk was cool with it...so it won't be long now!
The finished table. Now I have to decide what to do with the chairs. I'm thinking paint everything but the seats...or maybe the bar across the top. What do you think?

Oh, I checked with my mom on the history of the table/chairs since they have been around as long as I can remember. She said the same thing! They were hers when she was little and said she always remembers them being around. So...maybe they are around 65+ years old or more.

They are still sturdy and strong...ready for the next generation!

Gotta batten down the hatches here in SE MN....it's so dang windy.


  1. I love the finished project Cheri. Very cool, cant wait to see it in person to see what the "green" really looks like (although I like it in the picture...alot)

  2. Cool, i call the table for my house!!!!!

  3. Good job...I remember the table well. That takes guts to do. Love the green

  4. you can have it, cara, i don't think i fit at it anymore! ;-) But it was fun to play with when we were little, I would always hide stuff in the little drawer.

    Btw, I posted a new blog.

  5. whatever cara. you call everything. i call it for my KIDS. screw the house... i want it house or not for my CHILDREN to play with. =) HA.

  6. I love the jargon between cara and Danae. I think Cara should get it...she called it first...Ha ha, just kidding Danae :)

  7. Girls.....please don't fight in front of so many people on my blog! Hehe! I know you love each other.

  8. no but seriously. who calls something for their house? come on. she thinks she gets everything. and i'm pretty legit on this one. i played with it WAY longer cuz i was that weird girl that played teacher w/my dolls till i was like 15... so seriously.
    kay awesome =) thanks mom.
    love you cara!


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