Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Signs of Spring ~
not so much temperature wise, but the buds are finally popping into leaves.

Here's what the crabapple looks like today. Last year at this time it was in full bloom.

and the forsythia we planted last year . . .barely starting to bloom.

and one of the two hyacinths still working on the blooms . . .

For some reason - this hyacinth plant blooms first every year - as in before the other one

I bought a few pansies last week to get me through until planting season in the frozen tundra.

It's still not as warm as I'd like - only 52 degrees today - however, it was full of sunshine - and THAT is a good thing. :)

I've posted a few before and after pics of the room redesign I did yesterday on http://www.housewarmings.blogspot.com/

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  1. You seem to have more "signs of spring" than I do. I guess that's what I get for loving winter.


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