Monday, April 14, 2008

A present for me!
It's always exciting to get a package in the mail -- especially when it is from a best friend! My friend Gail found this "treasure" at an antique show in Upstate NY a week or so ago and thought of me (knowing I have chickens and have a love of all things old) and bought it for me! I first caught a glimpse of it on her blog when she posted a pic of her "finds" for the day. On first glance I was sure it was something I would have bought! I never guessed she'd bought it for me! Gail knows me well, and had me in mind all along...
It is way too pretty to put in with the chickens...they won't appreciate it. I'm thinking it will be fun to put flowers in from my garden this summer!

This evening I finally got around to sanding the top of a maple children's table of mine. I used to play school, house, and office on it as a child -- then my children used it for the same make-believe play. The top had seen better days, so I took the sander to it and it is turning out beautiful!

Kirk couldn't resist taking photos of me using a power tool! I was going to say something about using his tools.....then I heard this voice in my head...."um, no Cheri".

I'll show you the finished product soon!


  1. Please forgive my ignorance on all things chicken, but what exactly is that antique thing?

    Did you have to redo your nail polish after the sanding? That was the first thing I noticed, that your nails were polished!!

  2. It's a chicken feeder! And nope, didn't have to redo the polish ...but after today's work I'll have to!

  3. You go girlfriend.You seem very handy at using Kirks's tools. I also noticed the polished nails.Ha


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