Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Painting, again.
I want to be painting at home before I head to my new job....but looks like I'll be painting at the church for awhile yet! I painted all morning, again. -- accent colors. Then home to clean my brushes and myself before heading over to the Top Shop to finally make up my mind and order the formica for the countertops. After changing my mind more times than I want to admit on my choice for the tops, I decide to give myself just one more day.
Got home...made my decision. Finally. I've found a formica to love. Relief. When Kirk gets home I waste no time in showing him the choices. I lay the 5 0r 6 samples out.....and of course he likes one I've already put in the discard pile. I can't stand it another minute so I quickly point out my favorite.....then......I notice something. Something very wrong. Something that could potentially banish my formica-- my favorite, to the discard pile. Right there before my very eyes are ......fingerprints!!! Can I/We live with that? Will the fingerprints forever drive the people of the church crazy? Will anyone even notice? Will I ALWAYS notice? Blog friends, this formica has a high coolness factor.....the color is perfect and the style, I hate to send it to the discard pile because of this one ever-so-slight imperfection. What should I do??? Please help me decide!!! Seriously....weigh-in with your thoughts on this decision. I'll put pics I pulled off the Formica brand website, but know they don't do it justice.

Here it is....Formica 2200-MC --- Dark Chocolate MicroDot Finish
Runner up: Formica #6219-RW Walnut Quarstone Riverwash Finish.
(this one is really a brown and rust color...with a rough texture)

At dinner tonight an old friend showed up at our bird feeder....a Goldfinch! Some more signs that winter '08 is a fading (bad) memory in SE MN.

Thanks for bearing with me! Don't forget to comment with your thoughts on the horrible "fingerprint drama".


  1. The fingerprints would bug me, but I have been known to wipe off other people's dirty laptop monitors at first glance (and they didn't even realize they were dirty - or didn't care). The sample pics don't look like they'd show finger prints, especially because of the texture. Maybe your samples have been overly handled? Does lighting matter? Trying to be optimistic here.

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM CDT

    I would go with choice # 2. Fingerprints will bug you and will definitely be abundant in a public place. Fingerprints bug me! Of course you should pole the people that go to your church, my opinion doesn't really count, but you asked...
    You are doing a great job there, Cheri. Very brave to take on the task of decision maker on your own. The church is lucky to have someone so talented to help decorate.

  3. I'm with Sandy...#2 is my favorite but I'd like to see them in person. Maybe Thursday night...or tonight???

  4. Anonymous7:16 PM CDT

    I really think the second one is the better choice. I'm afraid the water spots will be worse than the finger prints. Good luck! Sara


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