Sunday, April 06, 2008

Oh Happy Day!
the grass is getting green..
ok, so it is only in one spot....and that spot just happens to be where the septic tank is, but it'll do - for now anyway. More happiness...
I spent some time with our friend Dennis working on my new website for a little business venture I'm exploring. This new business adventure will revolve around re-styling rooms by re-arranging furniture and accessories that the homeowner already has. It is interior redesign without buying new! After we finished up working on my website, Dennis was heading out for a couple hours and said I could makeover his rooms! One of his kids was there and helped me - and I had a blast!

Here's a pic of one of the tables "made over" - unfortunately I didn't take a "before" picture. Dennis called when he got home....and he likes it! I made changes in his family room, living room, dining room.

Want me to come to your house? (within a 100 mile radius of Roch)

Any bloggers out there know why the font I use in my drafts isn't showing up on the post? Is it happening to you?

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  1. If you go into the setup up portion of your blog. And look under the Layout tab - there is an option for Fonts and Colors. If you scroll down you will find the text setting for display and can change it there.


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