Tuesday, April 08, 2008

midweek visit . . . by Danae Joy.
Because DJ's roommate needed a ride to Roch today, we get our baby girl overnight tonight! Typical college student...in the first 5 minutes she says, "what we got to eat?" (or something to that effect -- I'm sure she'll correct me).

Then we HAD to play a little guitar hero! Danae and I actually earned some songs with our band tonight! You could say we took Wii to a "Whole 'Noth-er Lev-el".

Kirk and I are still on the "easy" level. Danae and Nate are masters at the medium level. But it won't be long and I'll be on medium. I'm practicing! Too bad I didn't practice this much on piano when I took lessons!

Some major concentration...
Then it was time to do laundry...
Danae explains how she ripped a hole in her jeans.....and shows the holey jeans to me...
Nice to have her home. It's 10 til midnight and I'm exhausted. Danae is doing homework. I'm glad I don't have to do homework tonight.


  1. Nice to have them kids home :)

  2. Each time they come home it's a special time.... I remember

  3. aww, this looks so nice and peaceful. what great family fun together. I love these kinds of moments.


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