Monday, April 21, 2008

The fog has lifted ~ and my headache is gone!
I woke up to sunshine and a clear head, what can be better than that? ~~ Would you believe showing up at the church construction site and finding myself painting an hour later?

It had been a few days since I checked out the progress at the new building and I knew the painters would be about done in the lobby and classrooms, which meant I could possibly-- maybe-- do some "accent" painting. As I pull up, Lonzo (site Superv) approaches me in the mudpit, I mean parking area, to tell me the doors didn't get painted that there was some wrinkles to work out. dang...I was hoping they would be done {note to self: call door painter}. I enter the building next and try to figure out how in the world I am going to reach the top of that 16 foot "niche" wall to put an accent color on it. The only possible way I see, is to use the Scissor Lift. The only way I can use that is if Lonzo or Jack "drive it" for me. Jack says, "sure we can make it happen". Enter Lonzo: I tell him I'd like to paint the niche - he says I have to do it TODAY. Ok, not what I planned for the day, but ok. So he wants to know how I'm going to paint that tall wall...and I tell him Jack offered the lift. Nearly got Jack in trouble! Lonzo instructs the (professional) painters not paint the niche....while head off to buy paint, home to change into painting grubs and back to the building site.

As typical with me, once I get to painting, I find other things to paint . . . this time I added the entry wall - and was just in time to tell Chris, the professional painter, that he didn't need to second coat that wall since I'd be "taking it on." I didn't plan to paint this wall when I bought the paint, so I'll be buying more paint and heading back tomorrow morning. I'll buy a darker color too! Not unusual for me to change a color.

When it came to using the lift - Jack was a trouper and helped me paint the top edges of the walls in the niche.

Here's the can't really tell that the accent color is on...which is why I will add a shade darker color tomorrow.

Here's the "niche" - or whatever....with the back wall accented. I decided to put color on all 3 walls by the time I finished....which is very par for the course for me!

This is one side of the auditorium with some of the walls painted.
and the other side...without any paint. I'll be putting accent color on the short wall surrounding the tech booth.
This shows some color on the trim of the doors . . . no color on walls yet.
That's the 5 cent tour!

Tomorrow: Paint. Meet concrete stain guy to look at another color. Order laminate.

News Flash: This just in. I've been offered a job! Office Manager at Rochester Covenant Church. Probably start 2nd week of May.


  1. It's all shaping up. You made me tired just reading all that....whew.
    Congrats on the job....i think :)

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM CDT

    Congrats on the job offer! Church looking good. Have a great day.


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