Friday, April 04, 2008

fire or sunset?Kirk and I went out this evening to run a couple errands and this is what we saw! It's a sunset with rain clouds moving in...but I think it looks like a fire too! I've done some cropping and the location isn't obvious, but some of you local folk might recognize it. Some might be very familiar with the location!

Little shout out here to Karyn - a newbie to the blog who has come out of the shadows and admitted confessed to reading my blog! I love it! You are now an "official blog friend" (and of course good friend) Karyn! (hehe)


  1. Cheri!

    I just found you blog! You're too cool! I can't wait for summer and sitting around the pool with you and Danae! :D



  2. How pretty! Hi Cheri!!! Hope all is well with you!! Love your pictures. They are gorgeous!!!

  3. Great photgraphy, I'm impressed with all your pictures. You just might inspire me to get a better camera

  4. Hi Cheri, my name is Brie and I read your blog, heehee. I like the pic, although I can't figure out where it is, is it like your yard or something? I dunno. PS: I'm very sorry that I still have your fondue pot, I need to get that back to you ASPAP!

  5. Thanks for the "shout out"! So glad I found ya! Loved the pics from the was a beautiful day for them and was touched by the song too.



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