Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Decision - Dog Tales - Flashback

Shout outs to Jen, Sandy, Jackie and Sara! I really appreciated your comments and gentle way of talking some sense into my head!

I headed over to the church today with my decorating "show" (the crap I haul around with me - samples, etc). The Chocolate Brown microdot was on the way to the discard pile before I left....but I wanted to be sure -- so I took the formica samples, and the carpet sample, and the cabinet sample, and the paint view "on site". Chocolate Brown bit the dust as soon as it appeared on the scene! The fingerprints were even more glaring and obvious in the building!
Next problem....the Walnut Quarstone didn't look good either.
Solution: Go with the Black Labrador Granite in the honed finish
It's going in the kitchen, the lobby and the nursery. Done. (ordered too!)

Next decision: Concrete stain color.

Here's the cabinet door, carpet sample and formica choice:

Dog Tales:
With the formica ordered I decided to give myself the rest of the day off! Hey, don't be hate'n ... it was 78 degrees here - and I was vitamin D deficient so I got a little sun therapy (since the beach therapy was too much $$$)....oh, and did I mention that it could SNOW yet this week?

Shortly after settling in my lounge chair on the patio, I hear Gabby rustling around -- on the prowl in the plantings around the pool then she became very excited and intent on one I got up to see what the deal was. Nothing. Nothing there...just a Gabby pipedream.

Back in the chair. Very relaxed, eyes closed, nearing sleep. Gabby is behind me now all excited - the sign she has found "something". Only this time she really did. And she grabbed "it" and ran with it. Here she is proudly showing off her bloody face...
(warning: next photo will be graphic)

Here's Gabby's "catch". Ish. Makes my skin crawl looking at it. Guess who had to dispose of it so Gabby wouldn't play with it more. Did I mention I HATE snakes?
(the red thing on the left of the snake....yeah, it's guts)I just got a chill looking at the pic again. Sorry about that....but I knew you wouldn't appreciate the story quite as much if I didn't post the pic.

Wait! There's more! I'm back in my lounging position (snake in plastic bag in garbage) --and falling into that Zen-like state that happens when I sit in the sun --- and I hear Gabby bark ... about 6 yards or so from me....I don't look. She barks again. I look. She has ANOTHER snake in her mouth! I jump out of my chair and yell at her....she takes off running -- I never find that snake. Crazy dog wanted to show off her catch and didn't want me thowing this one away I guess. She'll probably be throwing up in the morning. Crazy dog. Folks, it's spring - and the varmints are coming out of hibernation which means there will probably be more Gabby stories comin'.

Flashback: Nate and I went to Salvation Army after dinner tonight. The store was incredibly organized and fairly clean. I found the one item I went for (to be mentioned in a future blog) ... and a few other fun things too. . .

Remember these? I'd bought the color-dripping candles at Michael's quite awhile ago thinking that someday I'd get a bottle of Chianti (and pour it down the drain because I don't like Chianti) and make one of these retro candles.

Candles: $1.50 Bottle: 50 cents Retro Fun: priceless


  1. I'm too late for suggestions on the counter top, but can say you made the best choice. I've never been really happy with the red formica in my kitchen because it shows every water mark and and spots. I love the red, but would have chosen something with flecks or textured look. Sorry I was late with a comment. Keep up the good work.

  2. WOW! Where do I start to comment. First...Gabby is such a country dog, I think it's hysterical, darn snakes anyway!!!
    I love your choice for counterttops. I preferred the "honed finish" myself and will probably get that when we re-do our kitchen (like that's ever gonna happen). Everything goes together perfectly...I love it

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM CDT

    Yucko on the me the creepy crawlies. We have the pleasure of kitty bringing us his latest kill as well, usually moles or mice. (Good kitty!)
    As for the dumping the Chianti down the drain!?! The horror!!! Tell you what - you buy it and *I'll* drink it for you, then you can have have the empty bottle. Don't wanna be readin' any more of this dumping wine down the drain nonsense! LOL!

  4. can you define any further the formica samples ? I am still in vague about the topic though.


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