Friday, April 18, 2008

A day in my life ~
Coffee & breakfast at Dunn Brothers with Brenda;
Church construction site to look at stained concrete samples and talk to painter;
Hom Furniture Store for ideas (and fun with Brenda)
De-Clutter more stuff - pack it up, give it away, throw it away
Wait for Fed Ex to deliver printer - I have to sign for it
Prepare, Eat, Clean up dinner
Girls night, Knit, Blog

Brenda chose this bedroom set at Hom Furniture for her condo in Colorado...
(Cara - this is what we were doing when you called)

Just 8 cents more and Nate will be taking the city bus to school - his decision....$3.50 is his limit.

Looking forward to the weekend! New friends coming for dinner here on Friday. Saturday we are going to a nice dinner with friends (at 300 First) and then to see Blue Man Group....first row!

(I was kidding about the condo in Colorado)


  1. Save the rustic stuff for me !!! hahaha

  2. two crack me up! funny how a coney and hamburger are cheaper than a tank of gas ;)

  3. Be sure to wear your poncho's at Blue man...and have a blast. I Love those guys.


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