Sunday, March 30, 2008

You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out...
but that's exactly what we did... we took the "kids" out to Olive Garden thinking they would act all grown up like.

and they did. for awhile. (Danae helping figure out the bill)

ok, this is good. No nonsense. but it looks like Nate is up to something...

...until Nate unwraps his mint. and rolls the foil in a ball. and flicks it towards dad.

Sunday afternoon we try going "out" again. This time only for an ice cream cone.
Danae is done with her cone, and Nate gives her a wonderful idea ... tricks with a napkin!
..."Dad, let me have your glasses"...
More ideas from Nate: "Try to drink through your straw..."
Who ARE these kids?
I'm telling you the is a laugh a minute with these kids! (at least they aren't fighting or throwing temper tantrums any more!)
After ice cream, it's time for Danae to head back to college....the tearful goodbye...(haha)

Last minute advice from daddy....
Driving away. (I hate this part the most)
As always, its good when the kids are home. Nate misses Danae. They have always been close. Next year they will both be at the same college....


  1. no no no.
    so not fair.
    you can't give nate credit for the mint wrapper in dad's glasses. i'm the one who landed that there. seriously ma come on!

  2. Oops. So sorry dj!
    Such talent you have!

  3. what a bunch of goofs, glad you had a good time.

  4. my dad was always giving last minute advice, often about the car, as I drove away too, heehee.

  5. my sibilings are dorks!!!! Nice napkin face dj! Oh and new camera takes super clear pics you can for sure tell the difference!!!


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