Monday, March 24, 2008

Warm up...
So many little time to post!
The weekend was....wonderful, exhausting, fun, exciting, warm, silly, vigorous, tasty, loving, laughing, invigorating, tiring.....did I mention fun?
The first half hour! These "kids" are an amazing bunch together. You have to experience it to see how well they all interact with each other.

Yeah's here! And I have unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping (and menu planning), photoshopping, blogging, cleaning, yada, yada to do. Boo hoo. I AM going to set aside an hour with my new camera today....the two of "us" -- a play date! More pics of the weekend to come later today - this evening?


  1. Glad you're home safe and sound. Looks like you guys had a blast
    (I saw all the pics on facebook)

    I'm excited to see your new camera. It's gonna be fun :)

  2. So how's the new camera!? I can't wait to see all your new awesome pictures! Bet you are reading the manual right now.


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