Sunday, March 02, 2008

A visitor came today while we were at church! In our neighborhood we never know who might stop by for a visit. Today when we pulled in the garage (we left the door open to "warm up the garage") we saw this young'n snooping around where we keep the dog food! I walked right up near him for this picture, he (or she?) wasn't really shy. ...and was happy to look my way for a photo
Then the possum man came with his possum extractor tool (a.k.a. broom) and shooed the little guy out the door...but,
He didn't go with out a good effort ... he wasn't rude or anything. Rather shy actually, no teeth barred, or hissing or anything rude, just really didn't want to go! He actually grabbed onto the broom and Kirk had to shake him off!
But eventually he slowly walked away, saddened that he didn't get any good grub from our garage.


  1. he DID get some food, mom! When we got back from the church site, he was nibbling on something!

  2. Haha. That's cute. (:

  3. Hey I actually had two pet possums once. They were great pets and learned faster than dogs!! I loved them, until my ferret ate them, but that's not a pretty sharing story. :-)

  4. awwwww.. you should have kept him/her for a pet. Cheri's farm: 2 dogs, chickens, a possum, etc etc

  5. You all are crazy you do not keep a rodent of unusual size as a pet i'm actually quit dissapointed in my family for using a broom and not the shot gun! They all deserve to DIE!!!! They are icky icky creatures! I don't care how nice you may think they are you should have killed the thing not shooed it away! Thats why we have the GUN!!!! You crazy animal's a over growen rat!!!


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