Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today ...
Nate walked in the door and said, "Mom, I found a dog". Me: "What? A dog? Where?" Nate: "In the garage, a collie, I found it on the road to our house, around the corner".
At the last comment I was pretty sure I knew who the dog belonged to, and the dog's name, so I went to the garage where a beautiful collie stood and I said, "Hi Molly" which she responded to. She belongs to a neighbor around the bend. I tried calling their house...nobody home. So with our dog Gabby (the stupid Yorkie) on a leash to keep her from attacking the dog 3 times her size, I tried to go about the business of picking up around the house, one dog on a leash, the other following around. Finally, Molly gives up on the "following" and decides to make herself at home.....

....on Gabby's sofa! Molly sat on the sofa like she owned the place. It was pretty cute. Eventually I put Molly in the car and drove over to their house figuring their kids would be home from school by now...and they were. It was a fun (and stressful) hour. I should have figured out putting Gabby in her kennel at the start!
Guess Nate takes after me with bringing strays home!

Just another day in our boring life!

Oh....and in case you are wondering....I did a little Photoshop trick with the pic of Molly. I think it looks pretty cool with the sharp (hardlight) color.


  1. uh oh momma... i thought you were the queen of editing and it looks like you pulled a cara here in this post (no offense cara, you know we love you and your spelling issues! =) )

    under your picture you say "Molly sat their on the sofa like she owned the place."

    i think you mean molly sat THERE as in place... not as in ownership =)

    love you and can't wait to see you this afternoon!!!

  2. Good catch dj! Fixed now.

  3. these are great images! you have a lovely family...


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