Wednesday, March 26, 2008

taking serious, posed, show-off the offspring kind of pictures are a major challenge...

Some things never change.


  1. okay so a few things here...

    in the last 2 pictures i look WAY short... like even way shorter than cara... i'm not. we were on a hill or something.. plus she was on a stool so yea.

    another thing... lucky you mom we somehow were together taking pictures of aunt amy and uncle dirk till we were finally like hey wait! take one of us!! cuz we love each other just that much =) and look how cute we are... awwwww =)

  2. looks like everyone had a great time!!! What great pics of the kids and everyone else!!!

  3. Looks like a Christmas card pic to me :)

  4. Wow...those are those 3 little kids I knew in Vestal, NY. Wish I'd seen more of them as they were growing up and into such fine young adults.

  5. are in fact SHORTER than me! and I agree we love eachother and take some pretty darn good pictures!! Missing everyone bunches and bunches this post pretty much made my night!

  6. CUTE!! haha.


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