Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pirohi's in Binghamton ...
Although not a Binghamton, NY native, we did live there for 12 years before moving to MN. There are many things we miss about living in the "Southern Tier" and one of them is the pirohi's made each year during lent. It was a tradition for us to go "downtown" to St. Michael's Greek Orthodox church on Clinton street and have a lunch of pirohi's fresh from the kitchen. While you eat - the ladies of the church are actually making the pirohi's at tables in another section of the large gym. Now that we are in MN our mouth's water at the thought of the pirohi's being made miles away. ...

P.S. I just emailed St. Michael's to see if they'd ship some to me! If they will, I'll send you the information so you can delight in this amazing ethnic dish!


  1. Anonymous10:40 PM CDT

    Ok -- I have to say it -- I'm not much of a cook -- but those greeks... you wrote "the ladies of the church" are cooking pirohi's while you're eating them -- those pics are pretty small but I think I see men cooking them too :)

    mMMMMmmm Love those Pirohis.

    Love, Kirk

  2. Yup, I remember them too, since I lived in the Binghamton area for 38 years and probably went there with you. I know I did with Anita Shipway. Never hear about them around here.

  3. did we go do this wilhofts once? are the perogies? i'm confused!

  4. Anita & I went to a church dinner last Friday night in Binghamton and has great Pirohi's. We may go back there again this Friday. It was the Dormition of The Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in America, 53 Baxter St, Binghamton.

    Dick Shipway


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