Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last night Nate, Kirk and I drove to Illinois to my sister's house. We got in just before midnight, but before heading off to bed I had to watch the recorded Idol show! I was blown away that Amanda got "voted off". Unbelievable.

Today I went shopping with my sister, took a walk with sis and Kirk and went out for Pizza at Lou's --- now it's about bedtime!

Tomorrow: grocery shopping for the weekend with sis, then do some pre-meal prep and load the car to head to Dickson Valley Camp for the weekend with my sisters and mom....and ALL 3 of OUR kids! We're looking forward to a fun weekend together in a lodge...hanging out, playing in the gym, wall climbing, outdoor fun and indoor games....and LOADS of memories! pictures today...for some reason blogger is refusing to download even one measly little picture. Maybe tomorrow. Yesterday didn't work either for blogger and pics.



  1. Glad you guy got there before the "big snow" Only about 4 inches here so far,(2pm). Schools closed today. Have fun with your family,and all 3 kids :)

    Happy Easter !!!

  2. Cherii,

    Sounds like a really fun time! Have fun and lets get together when you get back!!!


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