Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it spring yet?
The house was just feeling a bit too wintery for me...I need spring...some changes were in order...
Before: After
See that little "egg" shape near the candles...
It's an "enchanted egg" made of sugar -- with a surprise inside...
I bought this years ago when our kids were's days are numbered now...
Here....look closer look inside -- isn't it cute?
The actual first day of Spring is a week away...and warm weather even further -- but I have to do something to brighten the days!


  1. Oh the memories of that egg! I have a little pink one somewhere i think!!!! DOn't throw it! It was one of my favorite parts of easter and spring! I'm still amazed by those things!!!!

  2. That's too funny! I just was doing that myself on Tuesday! Plus I am getting ready for new family room furniture, so that really put me in the mood! I love changing out the seasons

  3. the new arrangement above the fireplace. You have an amazing gift!!!

    PS....Your blog background color is close to the color ofmy new bathroom


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