Monday, March 10, 2008

Are there diamonds in my future?

Bet that got all ya all's attention!
Since I already have an engagement ring...and a wedding band the above ring isn't for me....or either of our daughters...nor is my son purchasing one.

I had a piece of jewelry in need of repair, so today I visited the local mom & pop jewelry store where I have my jewelry repaired, sized, etc ...(have never bought anything). As I was entering the store I noticed a sign advertising they are looking for part-time help...which I chose to ignore. As I candidly spoke with the owner about my jewelry, children and jobs...I casually asked about the sign (and wondered where those words came from!) which Mr. Jeweler shockingly asked if I was interested. "I might be", was my response (as I wondered who the heck said that!). So he quickly jumped into interviewer mode -- he needed someone who knows how to get on the computer and "do things"....I said I could do that. ....and he would like someone to greet people...I can do that. After a few more questions, and conversation...he says, "I think you'd be great for this job". Then he hands me an application and says to just put my name/address/phone number on it. No place on application to list previous he asked where I worked most recently. He was impressed. I told him I didn't have any retail experience at all. "No problem" he says.
After some more pleasantries, I leave and he says he will be in touch.
Oh my heart....what on earth have I gotten myself into????

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  1. Can I get your discount...snicker snicker.


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