Monday, February 25, 2008

Why are so many little girls drawn to horses and love them so much? Ever notice that? Stories about horses, toys like "my little pony", horses for American Girl Dolls, movies about horses are pretty much geared to little girls. Maybe it is the romance surrounding the horse... the allure of the cowboy and all that? Well, whatever it is, I was a young girl who loved horses. Still do. If I could have a horse or two of my own, I would. But in the meantime I'm loving the "girls next door" Silk (standing) and Red (resting). When I stopped to visit them the other day Red didn't even get up to come see me...must have been quite the party the night before - she was really zonked!
These are the girls I take care of when their family is out of town.
When I went to leave Red did manage to lift her head from her slumber and barely open her eyes as if to say, "where's my carrot?"

Hey, did you all notice my new banner? My friend Dennis who is a web genius helped me with it! There will be other changes to my blog look in the future too!

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  1. I also loved horse as a young girl and luckily had 2 good friends with horses, We used to ride alot, sometimes bareback and sometimes on saddles. We lived in the coutry so it was always an adventure.
    I love your new title as you know since I called you immediatley asking, "Out with'd you do that" hee hee. Very cool,someday I might figure it out, for now I'll just enjoy yours.


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