Friday, February 08, 2008

Today I'm taking you to work with me!
Here's the office building. It's only 5 years old.
I work way up on the 4th floor. The photo below was taken from the window where the "M" in "My" is in the the above photo... You can see where I used to live from up here and kinda-sorta where I live now
Every day I walk up all FOUR flights of's torture I'll tell ya!
Here we little corner of the building! Isn't it pretty? You can't see what is all around me, but basically there is a file cabinet the looks like a pretty dresser off to the right of what you can see. My desk is the only one over in this corner...nice and quiet. :) I should have taken pictures of other areas of the building. ...I'll do it later!


  1. Cool! I like how you labeled the pictures! Thanks for taking us to work with you.

  2. I wanna know how you got those little captions on your pictures. Cool work place man :)


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