Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quote of the Day:
"It would be a whole lot easier to put 'it' (money) in a tin can and bury it, than deal with all this"
---Ralph Dietzman
As I was about to take the below photo of the guys I heard those words from dad. It just cracked me up. He was getting pretty frustrated with the checkbook balancing. Kirk and Dad working doing "bookwork"....balancing checkbook, ordering prescriptions, going through mail, etc.


  1. soooo typical that they both have their beers! =P

    and also... that candy dish is BEGGING for me to come visit! it looks like no ones touched it! =( it's so lonely, poor thing!

  2. Oh Papa ralph!!! Sounds like an ever so entertaining week...sure was on the phone last night...I'm at panera...hehe!!!


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