Monday, February 11, 2008

Every Monday and Thursday morning, promptly at 8:00 am Don picks up Dad and they head over to First Watch (a restaurant) for breakfast. Being a "regular" at a restaurant gives you special priveleges, such as a fun relationship with your waitress. Maggie brings Dad and Don their coffee and breakfast twice a week. On Valentine's Day Dad and Don gave her a card, and Maggie gave them some chocolate roses!
If you are ever in St. Louis and find yourself in Oakville...head over to First Watch and ask for Maggie...she'll take good care of you! Oh, and be sure to tell her Don and Ralph sent you! ;)

Maggie and Dad

Don (and his wife Gayle) live next door to Kirk's sister. They are amazing neighbors ~
just like my friend and neighbor Jackie!
Amazing neighbors are lifesavers and heros. Amen.

Below: Dad & Don

This afternoon, while Kirk was taking Dad to a doctor appointment, I ran a few errands and even took a few minutes to myself for a cup of coffee here. (In Minnesota, this restaurant is called Panera!)

While I was out and about a "winter storm" was producing sleet. In "Panera" I heard a high school student say school was closed at 10 am. WOW I thought...the "weather" hadn't even started yet! When I got back to dad's I had to laugh seeing the kids across the street "sledding". Poor kids...have to sled on driveways covered with sleet...cuz there isn't any snow here!

I suppose since they don't see snow much...

it explains why they use their body's as sleds!


  1. ahhh this all makes me smile =) i miss gramps! =( and lovely on the body sledding down the sleet covered driveway... i bet those were some wet kids!

  2. Grandpa rocks. He is exactly how I want to be when I'm his age, with stuff like answering the phone with "City Morgue, you kill 'em, we chill 'em!" and walking around the house singing "DOO DAAA...DOO DAAA!!" (from that song that goes: camp town ladies sing their song, DOO DAA, DOO DAA!" i think it's "I've been working on the railroad"?)
    And those poor St. Louis kids...they just have no idea... but at least they're resourceful!

  3. I Love reading your updates while you're in St. Louis. Thanks for the sweet comment about neighbors, I feel the same about you ! Kirks dad is so cute, that's a great picture of the two of them.

  4. already do walk around the house singing like that...;)


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