Thursday, February 07, 2008

How many more weeks.....Until we see this again?? Winter is toooooooo looooong for this midwest girl! It happens every year, usually in February...when I start to wonder if I'll ever see green on the trees and feel warm sunshine on my skin again. That's when I go back and look at my summer pictures to reassure myself that yes, it does get warm and sunny in just takes so long for it to arrive!
(same tree both pics by the way)


  1. I Loved Winter all over again this morning. It was sooooo pretty outside,I decided that winter is black and white,. I agree about the warmth on yoour face though,,,I long for that, until my face starts to sweat..then I will hate it.

  2. I agree, I forget that it's ever possible to wear flip-flops, I cannot wait. Yes, sometimes it gets too hot, but I'll take that over the painful cold.


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