Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A frost cross...The son of a patient at St. Mary's hospital was sitting in the waiting room struggling with the decision whether or not to discontinue life support on his mother, he started to pray. As he looked up from his prayer, he glanced out the window and this was what he saw.

A nurse at the hospital had her camera at work and was able to get pics of it. It was just the way the frost had made a pattern on the rooftop of this house. Needless to say, the patient's son was very moved and extremely comforted!

picture from the Post-Bulletin website.

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  1. Cheri, it's kinda cool. One of that man's family members was up on my floor visiting another family member who I was taking care of and she was telling me about what the guy saw and how it was gonna be on the news, and then 2 seconds later, there is was on the news! It was cool and I could see the cross from my window in mary brigh too!


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