Monday, February 18, 2008

Day off
to vacuum, dust, clean, unpack, grocery shop, clean a bathroom, do laundry, put away groceries, clean kitchen, browse the thrift store, and show up for a haircut appt. that isn't until tomorrow!

and.....make dinner
This is Kirk's favorite meal - Fiesta Tortilla Stack
I really should make it more often since it is so easy, but I think I get tired of it.

My thrift store find: a silver plate tray.

There were other "finds" too, but I'll save them for another day's blog

To finish off a great day, Kirk and I went to Sam's Club and I bought myself this with the birthday money from dad (my father-in-love). Must get going now and learn how to use! I'm so excited and can't wait to try it out!


  1. Ohhh, that Fiesta Tortilla Stack looks really good!!

  2. The food looks very good and I think that photo shop thing will be pretty fun for you!

  3. send me the recipe! Lucky you with the photoshop! ;)

  4. send me the recipe! Lucky you with the photoshop! ;)

  5. Anonymous9:51 PM CST

    Thanks so much for the stack -- and I don't think once every 6 months is too often to make it. ;)

    Love ya, - Kirk

  6. it's because when she first started making it she did it like every weekend! ;) photoshop fun for you now you can picture picture picture like pw!!

  7. You're gonna be the photo shop queen before you know it.
    That tortilla looks amazing...I think I need the recipe as well.


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