Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crocheting with Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty is the sister of Kirk's mom.
Of all the aunts, uncles, cousins on Kirk's side of the family, I know Betty the best. We vacationed with her and Uncle Clarence in Arkansas for a few summers.
Betty does quilting, sewing, embroidery and crocheting. Since she is the reigning queen of making crocheted dishcloths ... I asked for some instruction while we were in St. Louis.
Now that I have this pretty basic dishcloth figured out, I'm cranking them out!
I can make one in about an hour!
The knitted ones are much prettier, but these aren't so bad.
I think I'll try them for make-up removal too.
Have I mentioned that I REALLY love Aunt Betty?
Or that we just seem to "click"?
It's probably because we are both first borns.


  1. that picture is making me hungry!

  2. I guess I should learn how to make them. Should have had you teach me when I was in Mn.


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